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Celebrating Strong Women

Happy Women's Day - Featuring Alamel

· Equality,Progress,Freedom
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Alamel is mother of two girls and an inspiration to society cause she cleans up the streets to send her two daughters to school. Lets pause for a second to salute this woman who always has a ready smile to greet passers by. Thanks to her hard work, we can comfortably walk along the pavement on Poonamallee High Road.

She is a mother who is proud of whom she is as she should be. Alamel is a woman to be admired and respected, not because of the money she earns but because of the dignity she possesses. Life is short, we can choose to be kind, grateful and leave this earth a better place just like Alamel. So on women's day we salute this strong woman, cause everyday she beats the odds and she does so with a smile.

If you would like to help Alamel by supporting her children's education, please get in touch by mailing us.