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    Why We do What We do

    Simple, Because we love it! We have been capturing precious moments since 1927. We now shoot weddings and events all over the world, some of which are second and third generation weddings, in Singapore, London and Bali among other destinations.

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    Vivaah: The Union of two Souls. Wedding conducted by Sadguru


    Singapore Wedding

    Beautiful celebration to start a lifetime together.

    A Moment in Time

    Preparing for a lifetime of happiness.

    When Two become One

    Fairytales Are Made here

    As We Fly Off Into The Sunset

    Like A Poem

    (for A)

    What sound was that?

    I turn away, into the shaking room.

    What was that sound that came in on the dark?
    What is this maze of light it leaves us in?
    What is this stance we take,
    To turn away and then turn back?
    What did we hear?

    It was the breath we took when we first met.

    Listen. It is here.

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    Have you ever wanted that one great Fairytale Outdoor photo that is truly magical. The one that will make you smile. That one picture you might print and put up on the wall cause it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? We at Photo Emporium can help you with that.


    Outdoor Location


    Here at Photo Emporium, Chennai we have a lovely outdoor garden for Photoshoots. Be it couple outdoor photos, an Amma and Baby picture or maybe you and your doggie, our outdoor photography suitable garden presents a lovely green and lush environment to capture your outdoor still moment. We even have a backyard with colourful walls where we keep changing the look which is extremely suitable for outdoor children photography

    A lot of our Wedding Clients use our outdoor garden as a pre wedding outdoor photography or post wedding outdoor photography location, invariably combining that with another location in Chennai. This is also a great spot for Traditional family photography.

    Outdoor Timing


    Sunlight , soft light and needless to say soft sunlight is always magical. We recommend the early morning or early evening to take outdoor photos wherever it might be. Having said that we understand that people are pressed for time and also that babies especially have different sleeping patterns. We can make the photography magic work anytime. We do have a lovely indoor studio but the garden has enough shade and greenery that even at 2 pm we can get some lovely couple outdoor photos or children photos



    Planning the clothes, Planning the Look


    REST Well

    • The most important when preparing for a photoshoot, and we can’t insist on this enough, is to be WELL RESTED!!!!!


           Take Time

    • It takes time to ease into your photoshoot. So set aside adequate TIME and enjoy the moment. The facial muscles need to be relaxed to have a great natural photo and if you prefer to have your favourite tunes playing during the photography session, we can organise that too. Music always helps more candid moments and bring out your true self. “Dance may have been used as a tool of social interaction that promoted cooperation essential for survival among early humans. Studies found that today's best dancers share two specific genes associated with a predisposition for being good social communicators. “ (Source Wikipedia). There you go the music and dance is a crucial part of our evolution. Why not make it part of capturing your Life moments.


    Clothes and Accessories

    • The clothes you wear besides fitting well is essentially what you feel is you. We recommend you do a light color and a dark color. If its more than one person feel free to talk to our fashion consultant ahead of time to plan what works well together.  
    • Ladies! Wear heels if you like, It does tend to enhance your curves.
    • If you are going to wear make-up and plan to do it on your own, focus on the eyes and lips. It is better to leave the skin as it is because too much of touching up the skin can have a white look which is not your natural look and photographs tend to highlight that. If you would like to fix an appointment for make up before the shoot we can arrange that 
    • Getting your hair styled before the photoshoot is a great idea. Even if it is not  a windy day we have blowers to create a windy or a light breezy feel. So styled  hair is bound to add a nice bounce.

    Occassion for Outdoor Photography

    We don’t really need an Occasion to capture a moment in Time. Come by and lets capture the magic!

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