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The Bride is made to sit on her father’s lap and is given away as gift by him, to the bridegroom.

On the girl’s head, a ring made with Kusa, the sacred grass called DARBHA, is placed, over it, is placed a yoke: the Gold Mangal Sutra (or THAALI) is placed right on the aperture. The Manthras chanted at this time say:

“Let this gold multiply your wealth! Let this water purify your married life, and may your prosperity increase. Offer yourself to your husband!”

The bride then is given an auspicious benediction, and an exclusive new KOORAI saree draped around her this done by the sister of the bride groom.

To the bride in her new saree, a belt made of reed-grass is tied around the waist. The Manthras Chant :

“She standeth here, pure before the holy fire, as one’s blessed with boons of a good mind, a healthy body, lifelong companionship of her husband (Sumangali Bhagyam) and children with long life. She standeth as one who is avowed to stand by her husband virtuously.Be tied with this red-grass rope, to the sacrament of marriage!”

Thanks giving vedic hyms follow to the celestial caretakers of her childhood : the Deities of SOMA, GANDHARVA and AGNI. Having attained nobility, the girl is now free to be given over to the care of the human-her man.

The Vedic concept underlying this ritual figuratively this: that in her infant stage, SOMA had given her coolness of the moon, and strength; in the next stage, GANDHARVE had given her bodily beauty; and lastly AGNI gave her the passions.

The father of the bride, while offering his daughter chants:

“I offer you my daughter, a maiden virtuous, good-natured, very wise, decked with ornaments to the best of my ability-; that she shall guard the Dharma, wealth and love!”