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What makes a wedding special?

by Smrithi Sashikumar

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There is love in the air. Secret shy smiles and giggles fill the room. Much thought and care goes into picking an elegant wedding dress and matching shoes. There is anxiousness in planning and a constant fluttering of hearts. Checking extravagant venues, tasting delicious menus, bridal make-up trials and how to capture all the moments fill the days and the minds leading up to the wedding day. Are we falling in step while choreographing the dances or shall we just dance to our own tune? Have all the invites gone out? 

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What we feel should have been order, simply feels like chaos and yet, that is the fun of it all. The thought of a wedding always gets everyone excited. It’s one of the most awaited moments in a family.The wedding is not just any ceremony, it celebrates the union of two souls. A couple takes a vow in the name of God to stay devoted and take care of each other. Every wedding tradition differs from the other, but the fun, anticipation and celebration is the same. It brings an entire family together and brings undisputed joy. 

The best part about the wedding isn’t just the day, but all of the previous days and months leading up to this one special moment. Every single detail is excessively pondered upon, whether it’s the bouquet, colour scheme, venue or food. Everyone has their own share of fun. Everyone wants to look their best on the Wedding day! After all, every wedding story is a fairytale, so why not look like you are from one? 

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All these moments make a wedding very special for a family. These are moments that you will certainly love to revisit. And the best way to do so is to capture that moment in beautiful pictures, so that no matter how much time passes by, you can still find yourself reliving those moments again, and again, and again. Years from that moment, when you look at the pictures and videos, the same rush, the same thrill, the same nervousness and the same joy will flow in you. After all, even if that moment lasted a day, its memories will last for a lifetime. 

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