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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are certain preparations that Photo Emporium needs to be involved in before the celebrations start?

We would like to be able to advice on the lighting. Good, soft lighting is very important for Photography and Video. It would be best to incorporate the lights into the decorations.

Also the camera positioning is crucial. We need to have a discussion about the stage size and height, as well as placement of LED or TV screens if you plan to have any.Please read our article on things to consider when deciding on the Wedding Photography and Video

What is the online Gallery?

The online gallery is approximately 100 images that we choose, edit and upload. We then send you a link which you can easily share with family and friends. The link can be password protected if required.

What about the photo album?

All the images will be uploaded online so you can create a favourite list. We have access to this list and will begin designing the album once you create the fav list. The size we recommend for the wedding album is 12"x30"inches when open. We have other options and can customise accordingly. The design and the printing is done by photo emporium. We have our own album designers and printers. Our printing machines are calibrated to provide the best color possible closely matching the image viewed on an apple monitor. You can choose from a wide variety of paper which includes but not limited to Archival paper, Canvas print and Textured paper.

How many picture in a photo album ?


What Equipment do you use?

Time for a Photo Emporium fact. We were one of the first to shoot wedding videos in the 70's with Hitachi Professional Cameras imported from London. Since then we have always upgraded to whatever equipment is the best.Today we have the entire range of Nikon, Sony and Canon Cameras and accessories and also sell equipment to other professional and amateur photographers.

We pick the cameras based on the situation. We also use gimbals, drones and other equipment which helps create a dramatic effect without taking away from the emotion that encapsulates the union of two souls.